Pest and Disease Management Workshop for Organic Growers

Join NOFA-NY and Cornell Cooperative Extension Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production Educator, Emily Cook, at a workshop that will help you improve your pest and disease management skills. The workshop, which is funded by the USDA Risk Management Association and The New World Foundation, will introduce insect and disease scouting techniques, scouting protocol, and insect and disease identification. They will also go over the latest ways to monitor for and trap pests. Additionally, the workshop will cover online resources for monitoring disease movement in the northeast.


August 12th at 4:00pm at the Groundswell Center, 430 W. State St, Ithaca, NY 14850

Contact Emily Cook to register: or 845-340-3990

The Western Center for Risk Management Education offers funding opportunities

The Western Center for Risk Management Education is accepting funding applications for strategic risk management projects that help farmers and ranchers. These federally funded grants will not exceed $50,000. The deadline for pre-proposals is December 12, 2013. Finalists will be informed by January 31, 2014 that they will need to submit a full proposal.

Two categories of proposals will be considered:

1. “2014 Exploratory Projects for planning, development, piloting efforts and/or smaller producer education programs with awards up to $2,000 and;

2. 2014 Education Projects with awards up to $50,000.”

The Washington State University Extension will host an applicant webinar on Friday, November 8 at 1 pm EST here. To learn more about applying for 2014 funding, view or download the RFI document by clicking here. Before applying, click here to read the Extension Risk Management Education’s pre-proposal tutorial.

Farming Podcasts Roundup

Ever wonder what a farmer is listening to on his or her iPod? There’s a high chance it’s one of the many food and farming podcasts hitting the airwaves. These podcasts are covering important issues in farming, food and agriculture, and often are hosted by farmers, farm advocates or seasoned agriculture journalists. Below is a small list of podcasts, but there are many more! Tell us about your favorites in the comments sections below.


The Beginning Farmer Show

The Beginning Farmer Show recounts the ups and downs of starting a farm. This podcast serves as an audio journal for beginning farmer Ethan Book, who shares his experiences in starting up a farm. He also interviews others to gain additional insight and advice. Past shows have included: Balancing Family, Farm, and a Job; Building Marketing Relationships; Rotational Grazing; and a series on Hard Lessons Learned. Ethan has also interviewed guests like Luke Gran of Practical Farmers of Iowa.


Small Home Farm Radio

Erin Lahey, the host of this successful podcast, spotlights a back-to-the-land mindset by demonstrating how easy it is for us to return to our roots. Small Home Farm Radio is a half-hour show that focuses on small-scale farming, gardening, and homesteading. Recent episodes include one about the health of the soil, and another about endangered and heritage livestock breeds.


Extension on the Go

Extension on the Go is brought to you by the University of Missouri Extension and hosted by Debbie Johnson. On the show, specialists and experts share tips and advice on a wide range of agriculture, garden, and nutrition topics. Each episode is 3-10 minutes long and includes guests like Tim Baker a horticulture specialist for the University of Missouri Extension, Pat Guinan a climatologist for the University of Missouri Extension Commercial Agriculture Program and David Trinklein a horticulture specialist for University of Missouri Extension.



Agri-Pulse is a weekly report about the latest agriculture news. The show has a strong focus on agricultural and rural policy decisions being made in Washington D.C. Topics range from international trade, to organic foods, farm credit, loan policies and climate change legislation. The Agri-Pulse website boasts, “We are the only farm and rural publication with full-time staff covering key congressional hearings and meeting with members of Congress and the Administration.” Besides the weekly podcast, the Agri-pulse website features daily updates of current news and events.


Food Chain Radio: What’s Eating What

This veteran podcast has been around for years with over 700 weeks of back-shows! Michael Olson, the host of this one-hour show, delves deep into topics from how the price of gas affects the price of food, to the controversial topic of genetically engineered food, to water and agriculture. Food Chain Radio is syndicated on commercial radio stations throughout the U.S.

Twilight Meetings

Twilight meetings are informal evening meetings for farmers—a designated time to learn about another farm’s operation and socialize with growers in the community. Here’s a few twilight meetings happening during the rest of this growing season. Contact your local extension agency to learn about additional twilight meetings.

NOFA-NJ hosts a series of twilight meetings for farms of all sizes. These meetings highlight unique and innovative production and marketing methods happening in New Jersey. July’s twilight meeting will be held at Ralston Farm, in Mendham. The farm tour will showcase this farm’s open-pollinated, heirloom veggies, as well as hogs, chickens and bamboo! The event is Tuesday, July 23 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM at Ralston Farms (327 Route 24 West/Main Street, Mendham, NJ 07945). Like most twilight meetings, the evening would not be complete without food to share. So bring a dish for the potluck dinner. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

UMass Extension, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, and the Massachusetts Association of Roadside Stands sponsors twilight meetings throughout the growing season. Each meeting includes a farm tour, a discussion about the farm’s production practices, and highlights how the farm is marketing their products. All sorts of farms will be included from those with vegetables, berries, cut flowers, and greenhouses, to farms with livestock, and those creating value-added products. Refreshments are offered at each meeting. Click here to learn more.

The Wisconsin Counties Association, Wisconsin Towns Association and the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin are partnering to sponsor on-farm Agriculture Community Engagement Twilight Meetings around Wisconsin. Upcoming meetings will be held August 20, 21, 22 and 23. The meetings are open to all and are specifically for community leaders, elected officials, conservation officials, and dairy and livestock producers. The meeting will start with an hour tour of the host dairy, followed by a relaxed discussion. During the discussion ice cream will be served! Farm tours begin at 6:00 p.m. and the discussion goes from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Click here for specific details about each upcoming farm tour and meeting.

The NH Fruit Grower’s Association holds twilight meetings throughout the summer in collaboration with UNH Cooperative Extension. During the meetings growers can collaborate, learn about pests, and ask questions of extension agents. These meetings also provide an opportunity to earn continuing education credits so that growers can keep their pesticide licenses current. Upcoming twilight meetings include a tree fruit meeting on Wednesday July 10th from 5:30-7:30pm at Apple Hill Farm in Concord; and a vegetable and berry twilight meeting on an organic farm. This meeting will be held on Wednesday July 17th from 5-7pm at Blue Ox Farm in Enfield. For more information about these meetings call Suzanne or Pat at 603-862-3200 or click here.

The University of Maryland Extension hosts Carroll County twilight meetings. The meetings are held monthly each third Monday. July’s meeting will be about pollinators and herbs; August’s will focus on cover crops; and the September meeting will focus on putting the garden to bed and productive garden maintenance. Click here for more information.