OFRF Leads First-ever Organic Phone Flash Mob!

Pick up the phone and join Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) in their first Organic Phone Flash Mob to Congress! At 3:00 pm on Wednesday, September 19th, OFRF will lead the callers at the Organic Trade Association’s annual Organic Summit and at home in dialing their representatives to ask for their support of organic initiatives, research, cost share and transition assistance programs for farmers in the 2012 Farm Bill.

For more information and a short prepared script, visit OFRF’s blog. For your representatives’ contact information, view this public database and search by zip code or by state.

Farmers’ Guide to Navigating Organic Contracts

In response to the growing use of written contracts in the booming organic sector, the Farmers’ Legal Action Group (FLAG), one of our Resource Partners, just released the Farmers’ Guide to Organic Contracts. The guide was created to help USDA-certified organic farmers make informed decisions and offer solutions when negotiating with organic buyers about their contracts. The guide assists farmers in evaluating offers, negotiating contract terms, managing performance, and finding solutions to contract disputes.

The guide is organized into the following sections:

  • Overview of Contract Laws Relevant to Farmers
    A basic overview of contract law helpful for farmers, including creating an enforceable agreement and successfully changing formal agreements within a contract period
  • Practical Contracting Toolkit
    A primer on contract basics, negotiation strategy tips and advice to manage an agreement
  • Explaining How Organic Regulations Interact with Contracts
    How contracts may affect farmers’ compliance with organic regulations, and how regulations can affect farmers’ ability to satisfy contracts
  • Examples of Unfavorable and More Favorable Contract Language
    A detailed examination of 100+ types of organic contract provisions from price to GMO testing
  • Information About Solving Common Contract Disputes
    How to enforce an organic contract against a buyer and tips for finding a qualified contract attorney and handling a lawsuit, including ten common contract dispute situations

To access a free download of Farmers’ Guide to Organic Contracts and for other FLAG publications and agriculture contract resources, visit the FLAG website.